Representatives from Kentucky gear up for big tax reform vote in Washington

Lawmakers across the country, including representatives from Kentucky, are just days away from deciding the fate of our country's tax system.

A tax reform bill is set to go before the House of Representatives for a vote this upcoming week, but some in the Commonwealth have already made up their minds.

"This week the United States House of Representatives is poised to vote on the most significant legislation in a generation," said 6th Congressional District of Kentucky Representative Andy Barr.

Democrats and Republicans can agree about one thing. The stakes are high heading into the new week, with a new tax system on the horizon.

"It is a huge change in our tax code, that will not only simplify the tax code, make it more fair, but it will make America much more competitive globally," said Barr.

WKYT caught up with Congressman Barr ahead of the big vote. The representative says he already knows what side he's on. "Voting yes," he said.

Barr joins a large group of Republicans who are voicing support, after the GOP led Senate and House reached a final bill compromise.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell issued a statement on the upcoming vote that says, "For years jobs and businesses have left our country. Meanwhile, middle-class families struggled to get by."

"That's changing with this legislation," said McConnell, "China is already worried."

While Kentucky lawmakers in favor of the new tax bill are quickly adding up, Democrat and 3rd Congressional District Representative John Yarmuth took to twitter to voice opposition.

"The hastily concocted conference agreement makes clear that the Republican tax scheme is rotten to its core," Yarmuth wrote. "Republicans are already plotting cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and anti-poverty programs to pay for it."

Despite the strong opposition from Democrats, Barr feels confident that he and fellow Republicans will get the bill passed.

"I'm looking forward to voting for this and giving the American people a big Christmas gift," said Barr.

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