Republican budget plan would restore some cuts

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) House Republicans have proposed a two-year spending plan that restores some of the budget cuts proposed by Governor Matt Bevin.

Bevin, a Republican elected in November, wants to cut government spending by $650 million and use the money to begin paying down the state's multi-billion public pension debt. A plan filed by Republican state Rep. Steven Rudy restores some of those cuts to preschool education programs, gives volunteer fire departments more money to buy equipment and gives more money to counties from coal severance taxes.

The Republicans' plan does not change Bevin's budget cuts to state colleges and universities, although it let the colleges make changes in their budgets to help offset the cuts. Republicans also rejected Bevin's move to eliminate the prevailing wage, but approved his plan to borrow $100 million for workforce development programs.

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