Republican senator files bill to legalize adult-use marijuana in Kentucky

Published: Jan. 17, 2018 at 5:08 PM EST
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A Kentucky state senator is pushing for a bill that could help generate money for the budget deficit.

Sen. Dan Seum, a Republican who represents parts of Louisville and Bullitt County, wants to legalize marijuana for adult use in Kentucky.

He filed the bill, Senate Bill 80, Wednesday in Frankfort.

The senator says his proposal would create 15,000 new jobs. He says it could also raise more than $100 million.

"I think medical has a real shot this session," said Seum. "I would give the adult use about a 50/50 try. I think once we get into the budget and we start seeing how desperate we are, I think we've got a real shot at passing something."

Seum says he's confident the bill will pass, if not this session, in the next.

He's also pushing for legislation to allow some types of sports betting in Kentucky.