Rescue group helping get Central Ky. pets out of the cold

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VERSAILLES, Ky. (WKYT) - A group of volunteers spent Wednesday making sure pets were safe from the extreme cold.

Georgetown-based Speak Out And Rescue, or SOAR, went around Versailles checking on dogs. The group typically focuses on pets who are chained up outside or abused, but they've been traveling the state to keep outside animals warm during the cold snap.

SOAR's Facebook friends help alert them to animals that do not have adequate shelter. When they find a pet in need of shelter, they encourage the owner to bring them inside. If the owner can't, the group will deliver fresh straw to use as bedding because blankets can get damp and freeze in this weather. Sometimes, the group says, owners aren't receptive.

"A lot of resistance these days, people are refusing help. They tell us their dogs are fine even though we know they are not," said Tracy Miller with SOAR.

There is no law regarding freezing temperatures and bringing pets inside.

"It’s a shame our elected officials aren’t putting out advisories to bring our pets in when it’s this cold out," said Miller.

In some cases, SOAR will install a fence to get a dog off a chain. For that to happen, they require a dog be spayed or neutered first.

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