Results of Lexington's "On The Table" event released

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - On March 15, 2017, nearly 12,000 people gathered in small groups around Lexington to discuss what makes the city great and how to make it even better. Following those conversations, participants took a survey. It was called "On The Table" Now, the results are in.

According to the Blue Grass Community Foundation, which sponsored the event, 1,464 "On The Table" participants took part in the survey. 97% of them rated Lexington as a great place to live. 83% said they believe they can have an impact in their community. More than 80% said they were likely to take action regarding issues discussed during "On The Table." The top 10 topics that were most frequently discussed were as follows:

1. Transportation
2. Economic issues and poverty
3. Equity and social inclusion
4. Environment and parks
5. Housing and homelessness
6. Public safety and judicial system
7. Managing growth
8. Community development
9. Education and youth development
10. Arts and culture

You can see the full results of the survey here.

The Blue Grass Community Foundation is offering $50,000 in grants to help "On The Table" participants act on their ideas. They will be awarded in increments of $2,000. Applicants who received the grants will have six months to carry out a project first discussed during an "On the Table" event.

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