Ceremony held to celebrate completion of apartments for domestic violence victims

Published: Jun. 13, 2017 at 3:13 PM EDT
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Mayor Jim Gray, GreenHouse17, Kentucky Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and many others were in attendance early Tuesday afternoon for a ribbing cutting ceremony. This event was to celebrate the completion of 24 apartments for survivors of domestic violence. 12 of the apartments were renovated within the city, while the other 12 are new buildings at the GreenHouse17 campus. Darlene Thomas, the executive director of GreenHouse17 discussed the importance of this project.

Darlene Thomas stated, "They often have to pick up and leave everything behind and have to start all over. So, with that, I think it’s our communities responsibility to not only keep them safe initially, but to help them step by step until they become self-sufficient again and back on their own safely with themselves and their children.”

There has already been residents living in some of the apartments since they were full completed earlier this year. The residents say they are thankful for these new apartments so they can start a new life, but they are also thankful for the community it has created.

“It’s nice to talk to somebody who has been through the same thing that I’ve been through. We have our own little connection, we’re a family, and we’re a little community of our own out here. It’s great to know that there is a safe place like this. As soon as I come in that gate I feel immediately safe because I know that nobody can get to me", discussed Savannah Brumagen, a resident in one of the apartments.

People who attended the event got the opportunity to tour some of the apartments and talk to residents of the community.