Richmond caretaker accused of abandoning job, calling group home a 'hell hole'

Thomas Lakes (Madison County Detention Center)
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RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - A Richmond caretaker is accused of neglecting three patients, and he had choice words about where he worked when officers confronted him.

Richmond police responded to an Independent Opportunities group home on Jennifer Drive Saturday night where officers received reports of phone calls not being returned at the home, and people were concerned for the patients' health.

Officers arrived at the home and discovered caretaker Thomas Lakes' vehicle was not at the group home. One of the patients told the officers he thought Lakes was still at the home, but he wasn't.

An Independent Opportunities crisis response worker and supervisor arrived and told police the caretaker wasn't supposed to leave, and the patients require constant care.

Lakes would return approximately a half hour after officers arrived, and he told officers he was aware he shouldn't have left. He would later say he went to visit his sick daughter at his ex-girlfriend's house, but he would eventually admit that was a lie. Lakes would go on to tell officers he went to buy a pack of cigarettes before driving around and listening to music.

Officers asked Lakes why he left, and he responded by saying because he had to spend "48 hours in that hell hole," referring to the group home.

Lakes was arrested and charged with knowingly abusing or neglecting an adult. He is being held in the Madison County Detention Center with bond yet to be set.

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