Richmond residents call for an end to gun violence at first annual rally

Published: Jul. 15, 2018 at 10:21 PM EDT
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Dozens gathered in downtown Richmond Sunday evening to honor those who have been killed by gun violence, and push for change to stop another death.

Their message was simple, but loud. "You need to put these guns down," sang one of the many guests, who took to the steps of the Madison County Courthouse.

"It's hard for all of us. Not just the family, but the community as well," said Shay Minter. Minter's step-son Stephon Mundy was killed in a Richmond shooting in June.

Many people like Minter, who have been personally affected by gun violence, filled the courthouse lawn to mourn together.

"This family over here, they lost their relatives to gun violence," said Mundy's cousin, Erian Chenault.

"It's hard for me and I don't have nothing. I want everybody else's kids to be loved and treated right and do the right thing," said Mundy's mother, Vertina Mundy.

The event marked the First Annual Stop the Violence Rally, hosted by the Durty Burbz Truck Club in Richmond. While the community gathering honored all recent shooting victims, it was specifically dedicated to Stephon Mundy.

"He did everything right, as far as getting a job, working, taking care of his child," said Minter.

While the support and big turn out won't bring Mundy back, loved ones hope the rally will save another life from an early and senseless death.

"Guns are not toys. You need to mind you kids, and one simple action can lead to life long consequences," said Chenault.