Richmond teacher makes long journey home from China amid coronavirus concerns

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RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) – A Richmond teacher says it was a tough decision but one that had to be made after she returned home, leaving her job behind in China, to dodge the coronavirus threat.

Richmond teacher makes long journey home from China amid Corona Virus concerns

Kara Arvin started her journey in Chungqing in the Hubei Province of China in June of 2019. She would be an English teacher for students in a school just 100 miles away from the coronavirus epicenter of Wuhan.

She says the news of the virus spreading was slow. However, within weeks her community was a ghost town, her school was closed and store shelves were beginning to become empty.

"It was kind of eerie, kind of creepy,” said Arvin. “If you did walk outside there would be very few people where as in china there is so many people all the time living their lives and now there's only a few people on the street and no cars going by.”

Arvin says at one point she was restricted from leaving her apartment. At least a dozen people in her community contracted the virus. She said it was those moments she felt it was time to come home.

“It was very stressful because my job and China wanted you to stay-put. The day before I was supposed to leave they started cracking down on apartments to where you weren’t allowed to leave unless you had a permit.”

Her journey would not end easily. She said during her travels back to Kentucky she faced several medical exams from the Chinese government and the Center for Disease Control the moment she walked off the plane.

She has since been cleared of any coronavirus threat and is making plans to start her new career back home. However, she has no plans of returning the China to teach.

The Chinese government reports 75,000 cases of coronavirus are continuing to be treated. At least 2,000 have died from the disease.

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