Richmond's 'These Hands Don't Hurt' rally honors domestic violence victims

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RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - A rally in Richmond Tuesday night showed the impact of domestic violence in the community.

"We want to be able to put a face to domestic violence." That's the goal for the "These Hands Don't Hurt" rally in Richmond Tuesday night. (Photo: WKYT)

Organizers of the 'These Hands Don't Hurt' rally said they wanted to put a face to the victims while celebrating those who don't turn to violence.

"We want to be able to put a face to domestic violence," said Jennifer Lainhart with Hopes Winds Domestic Violence Program."We talk about that, and people are upset about the crime, but I don't think they get a true sense of what it means unless they have names and faces."

One woman shared her story of abuse for the first time.

Candi Murphy works as a school counselor at Madison Middle School. She said her husband abused her daily at one time, often for not keeping the house clean enough for his liking.

"The more people that speak out like me and the more moments like this rally that we are having tonight ... lets people know there is life beyond closed doors," Murphy said.

More than thirty shirts were staked in the ground at the event. Each one represented someone who died this year in Kentucky because of domestic violence.

The group also offered resources to find help for those in any violent situation.

WKYT took a deeper look at the issue of domestic violence. You can find all of that information here.

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