River of Life Church of God remembers homeless woman who died

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Saturday, the Lexington homeless community gathered at River of Life Church of God to remember a woman who lost her life last weekend. She and her husband were living in a tent in the woods near Winchester Road and Sir Barton when she was found dead.

"It brightens my heart in a moment of misery," Ray Shackleford, a friend, said. "She was a sweetheart, man; Her [Cynthia] and my brother Charles, I call him my brother because we've been around each other for 11, 12 plus years."

It was about 12 years Charles Spent with Cynthia. That season of life ended when she passed away last weekend. The temperatures, friends say, were too cold for her body to bear.

"This shouldn't happen," Pastor Jesse Acosta said. "We lost one life too many." Acosta stood in front of a room filled with friends of Charles and Cynthia.

"We all have a story to tell, whether it's good or it's bad."

He has experienced homelessness, himself. Allowing the group to grieve, he used his story as a seed of hope.

"Some may look at this and think, well this is just another person who died on the streets. No, Cynthia is not just a statistic," Ginny Ramsey, co-founder of the Catholic Action Center, said.

Cynthia loved, and she was loved by many. Although she and Charles won't share their home for now, this community finds joy and rest in believing they'll have a home together again one day.

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