Road crews begin repairing pot holes across the state

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - It's one of the side effects of winter weather: potholes on roads across the region. The problem is a combination of traffic, salt, plowing and weather.

"When there's moisture or any type of water that seeps through the pavement and then, of course, that developed possibly into a pothole as the freezing and thawing cycles take place," said Natasha Lacy with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

Lacy says crews try to fill potholes during dry stretches of weather, but sometimes it is only a temporary fix.

"In the winter time we use what's called a cold mix to fill the holes and then when the warm months come we use a hot mix because then the asphalt plants are open and then we go over the potholes with a hot mix, which is more of a permanent repair," said Lacy.

KYTC finds potholes, in part, with the public's help.

"The public can also report potholes by calling our toll free number and by going online. We encourage the public to do that," said Lacy.

You can call 1-877-367-5982 or 1-800-728-2448 to report a pothole.

You can report a pothole to the state here or to the city of Lexington here.

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