Road crews in central Kentucky prep for first snowfall of the season

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - Keep your scarves and gloves handy. Snow flurries are expected to pop up in central Kentucky as early as Monday.

But that means snow trucks will need to be on standby to make sure the roads are safe. The Scott County road and maintenance crew is hard at work making sure its trucks are ready to go come the first snowfall. Preparations started about a week ago.

"We started about the first of November, getting all the trucks equipped with the spreaders, the blades, chain adjustments, everything greased. Making sure everything is working properly,” said Scott County road and maintenance crew director J.R. Brandenburg.

Brandenburg said getting their equipment prepped this early isn’t out of the ordinary.

"We're always ready to go with everything, equipped set up and ready to go by Thanksgiving's weekend. We're right on track now, maybe a little ahead of schedule on things,” Brandenburg said.

Despite a growing Scott County and the addition of some new roads since last winter, Brandenburg said his department is ready for the challenge ahead.

“It's been a busy summer with all the rain and everything. We've had a lot of issues with flooding, but I'm ready for it,” Brandenburg said.

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