Road crews spend the day pretreating roads in wake of snow forcast

FLEMINGSBURG, Ky. (WKYT)- Kentucky road crews are back to pretreating roads ahead of a possible snowfall on Tuesday.

The Kentucky Department of Highways District 9 based out of Flemingsburg were out and about pretreating roads on Monday. They say although pretreating the roads does make driving conditions safer, it does not diminish the danger.

"Just because we've pretreated doesn't necessarily mean that a roadway will be clear or won't be slick," Allen Blair with Kentucky Department of Highways District 9 told WKYT. "Once you get too much snow piling up, it can freeze. So, we try to push the snow off the roadway and get that solution right so that the roadway doesn't freeze and we can clear it much faster."

Blair says salt brine is used to keep snow from freezing directly to the road which in turn helps the road crews clear it off.

He says that many of the accidents that occur from weather are speed related.

"Give yourself room to recover in case you do hit black ice or you hit an icy patch on a bridge because they freeze pretty quickly with the air flowing underneath of them."

Other districts like District 7, covering Fayette County, says they will not be pretreating roads because of the salt that is already on the roads.

Rob Allen, deputy director of Lexington's Streets and Roads Dept., says city crews pre-treated some city roads with brine on Monday. They will also continue to monitor the weather and have more crews on call to come in if needed.

The city's snow plan ranks the priority for clearing roads, but Allen says folks need to remember it is not done instantly.

And with changes to the city's snow plan this year to cut back on contractors helping out, crews now say their timeframe is 24 to 36 hours after the snow stops, rather than 24.

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