Roller coaster at Kentucky park reopens after cars bump

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - A roller coaster at a Kentucky amusement park has been reopened after a two-day closure to determine why two train cars collided.

Sean Southard with the state Department of Agriculture told WDRB-TV in an email Monday that inspectors will allow Kentucky Kingdom's T3 to function with one car instead of two.

The park says the T3 suspended looping coaster closed Saturday after one of the train cars hit another as it was waiting to enter the station for unloading. Five riders were taken to the Louisville park's health service center. One of those riders was taken to a hospital.

Park spokesman Adam Birkner says there was only slight contact between the trains, causing cosmetic damage. He says a lightning strike during thunderstorms may have affected the coaster's electronic control system.

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