STILL SERVING: The Sage Rabbit and Tulip Bistro & Bar

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) -- Happy Friday everyone. Today is the day restaurants in Kentucky can open up their dining rooms at 33% capacity.

Photo: The Sage Rabbit

Lots of places can make that work, but many restaurants are handcuffed with that they can do based on the size of their dining room and there are other factors as well.

Here's Chef John Foster at The Sage Rabbit in Chevy Chase.

“We are still doing patio pickup which has been very good for us," said Foster. "People have been very supportive. They understand our limitations on the inside. We will not be opening the inside in our first phase or second phase probably. It is our intention to do that at some point, but we feel that putting the staff at risk is not worth it. We are going to keep to our patio pickup and starting on Friday, we will allow people to take their takeout and go sit on the patio."

The Sage Rabbit is open for dinner Wednesday-Saturday with a special menu and if you've never been there, start with the Sunrise appetizer.

“Sunrise which is Sunrise sourdough bread," said Foster. "Sunrise is one of our local bakeries. We do an herb goat cheese with the herbs we harvest right outside the window here. We put it together with goat cheese and that goes out the door every single night. It's cheese and bread. It’s simple, but it’s great.”

Staying in the Chevy Chase area, our final stop today is the Tulip Bistro & Bar. Their menu features seafood, salads, steaks, pasta, burgers and more. Check out their Facebook page for daily specials and give them a call at (859) 367-6687.

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