Hundreds show for white nationalist rally, counter protests

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PIKEVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Hundreds of people descended on the town of Pikeville today because of a white nationalist group rally called 'Take a Stand for White Working Families'.

It was an unusual scene for downtown Pikeville as the out-of-towners marched in. The organizers were from Detroit. They were met by people protesting their rally. Many of those people were also from out of town.

There was a lot of hate spewed back and forth but some people told us they were hoping to keep the peace.

"I don't like it. I'm a peaceful person and that's what I hope to display for Pikeville, peace," Sam McKinney, who lives in Pikeville, said.

Multiple agencies were on hand to make sure everything went smoothly, and that includes federal agencies. There was concern of violence getting out of hand. Businesses on Main Street shut down just in case.

Pikeville Police Chief Phillip Reed said, "You know, Kentucky being an open-carry state has been expressed a number of times. Weapons involved with anything, when tempers are flaring, that poses a risk for violence to escalate."

Luckily, there wasn't violence and law enforcement says that's how it's supposed to be.

"Everybody gets to express their ideologies and thoughts and everything is just done peacefully and everyone's safety is taken care of."

As the rally came to a close at 5 p.m. police did arrest a protester. They didn't have to make any other arrests.

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