Sam Dick's Citrus Bowl Diary | Day 5: Farewell from Orlando!

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ORLANDO, Fla. (WKYT) - Hello from Orlando! After a good night's sleep, I am basking in the Wildcat victory in the Citrus Bowl.

I will always relish this season and final win. Some of my favorite memories of our time in Orlando were walking behind Bennie Snell Jr. during the Catwalk, being in the middle of all those fans at the pep rally and standing feet away from Coach Stoops and Bennie as they pumped up the crowd. I also had a lot of fun covering the game itself, the two-hour broadcast right after the game where Brian Milam and I had loads of time to talk about the game, spending precious time with my wife Noelle and friends and going back in time the day after the game to visit my days in the 1980s in Orlando when I was a reporter here.

I’d like to thank the many UK fans who stopped by our camera positions to say hello, offer a smile and friendly conversation. I was surprised (but shouldn’t have been) how many UK fans were from outside Kentucky. We met people from Miami, Atlanta, Texas and Alabama just to name a few places.

I also want to give a heart-filled thank you to coach Mark Stoops, his staff, Mitch Barnhart and all the players, especially the senior class, for a season we will never forget. Your hard work paid off. Thank you!

To our sports and news crew in Orlando, it was a pleasure working with you in the field. Brian Milam, Steve Moss, Barton Bill and Alex Walker were with me for our extensive coverage of the big game. I also want to give a big thanks to all the people back at the station in Lexington working in production and news who helped get us on the air for our viewers.

I hope there will be a next time, but there will never again be a first time winning the Citrus Bowl for the first time. I will cherish this time.

Until I see you again on WKYT, Happy New Year.

Go Cats!


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