Savannah Spurlock private investigator discusses case following arrest

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Private investigator Salvatore Grasso is discussing the recent developments in the Savannah Spurlock case following the discovery of human remains and an arrest.

The Spurlock family hired Grasso two weeks before the major break in the case. A person on a Garrard County property reported a foul odor and reported it to his attorney. Soon after, police responded to the scene and found the remains of Spurlock.

David Sparks was arrested and charged with abuse of a corpse and tampering with physical evidence Thursday morning. Grasso is confident this is the break that will answer many questions for the family.

"I'm really happy for the Spurlock family, that they hopefully get some closure on this," Grasso said. "They were just a grieving family."

Grasso said the people last known to be with Spurlock on January 4 were the ones that had the information which would solve the case, and he thinks Sparks' arrest will prove that to be true.

"I said from day one that somebody in that house had to know what happened to Savannah Spurlock...bottom line."

Grasso has worked 27 years as a licensed private investigator and 10 years as a U.S. Naval investigator. His goal when he took the case was to dig up information that he could turn over to law enforcement.