Sayre Athletic Complex suffers damage following possible microburst

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The Sayre School Athletic Complex has suffered damage after a storm hit Fayette County Thursday afternoon.

The damage includes snapped trees and structural damage.

Sayre officials said the wind ripped the roof off of one of their buildings, knocked down some trees and snapped some poles on the soccer field. They said thankfully this is during the athletic 'dead period,' so there were not any practices or games going on, and no kids were there at the time.

"Cleanup's going to be one of those things, it's going to be chainsaws and some manual labor. But nothing that ever hurt anybody," said Aaron Simmerman, director of the Sayre Athletic Complex. "And nobody got hurt in it. So just a little time and a little sweat equity."

Simmerman said they hope to fix as much of the damage as they can before kids come back for practices in a couple of weeks.

WKYT Chief Meteorologist Chris Bailey says a WKYT tower camera captured what could have been a microburst associated with the storm that damaged the complex.

Bailey says a microburst is a small scale burst of wind coming from a thunderstorm. It is carried straight to the ground then quickly spreads out, often causing wind damage. Microbursts can sometimes pack hurricane force gusts in a very localized area.

A microburst Wednesday in Johnson County caused significant structural damage in Paintsville.

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