Scammers using Spurlock disappearance to get 'ransom' money

Published: Jan. 22, 2019 at 8:08 PM EST
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Savannah Spurlock was last seen early on January 4 walking out of a Lexington bar.

As family members enter week three of no answers on her disappearance, they are receiving calls and messages from scammers hoping to prey on their hopes.

"She's only worth a thousand dollars? I mean, at least make your story more believable," said Ellen Spurlock, Savannah's mother.

Spurlock says the scammers have been saying they have Savannah and will return her in exchange for money, gift cards, or the online currency Bitcoin.

After getting no reply, one person said, "No more nice games" and "we will vanish and so will Spurlock."

The messages are frustrating to Spurlock, and she says they are heartless.

"They have to investigate everything they get, no matter how silly it seems," Spurlock said. "Yes, they investigate all the rumors, and see that holds up on what they really need, to find the truth."

Police say they've spoken with two men who were last seen with Savannah Spurlock as she left the bar that night. Yet, officials have not said what information they gained from the men, where Spurlock might be or who is behind the scam messages.

"It's very cruel. Very," Spurlock's mother said. "I mean, if these people that are doing this would think about what they would be doing in my situation, they may stop."

Police have yet to say if foul play may be involved in Spurlock's disappearance.

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