School officials from across Kentucky hold safety meeting in Frankfort

Fayette Co. school director of risk management and safety briefing lawmakers on school safety...
Fayette Co. school director of risk management and safety briefing lawmakers on school safety and security plans put into effect since Marshall Co. shootings.(WKYT)
Published: Jan. 22, 2020 at 12:36 PM EST
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Thursday marks two years since the Marshall County High School shooting that killed two students.

That anniversary had school safety on the minds of a lot of lawmakers Wednesday. Leaders from Fayette County and several districts from western Kentucky met in Frankfort to talk about plans they put into place since that shooting.

The school leaders say much of what was in 2019's Senate Bill 1, which addressed school safety, had already been put into place in the spring and summer months of 2018.

Lawmakers in an education subcommittee heard about plans ranging from metal detectors to a new electronic warning system called Crisis Go.

"What we do when something goes wrong is how we are defined," said Chris Gaddis with Owensboro City Schools.

Gaddis said their staff learned a lot and experienced eye-opening results from their active shooter training that showed them how critical the 4-5 minutes is after the violence starts and before first responders arrive.

Joe Isaacs with Heads Up Risk Management and Safety for Fayette County Schools went over their 10 step safety plan including upgrades to buildings, more law enforcement, more mental health services for students, and the installation of metal detectors.

"Of the 6 high schools right now we have 5 that have metal detectors," Isaacs said. "Once we got over the growing pains, it's going fairly well. Students have really taken to it. We don't seem to have the issues we had when we first implemented it."

Lawmakers said in a Senate committee last week that they fully expect funding for 2019's SB1 to be included in 2020's state budget negotiations.