Scott Co. school bus accident reignites concerns over safety of US-25

Published: Mar. 15, 2017 at 3:49 PM EDT
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Shortly after Northern Elementary dismissed classes Wednesday, a bus carrying 20 students was involved in an accident.

Scott County Sheriff Tony Hampton said a commercial garbage truck side-swiped the school bus.

Scott County Superintendent Kevin Hub said one of the school bus’s mirrors were taken off and a window was broken. Superintendent Hub said none of the students were hurt.

"None of the children were in those seats. Because there was some glass flying around, some of them did report some glass in their hair. Other than being shaken up because you're in elementary school in a minor school bus accident- other than that, all kids are well and safe,” Superintendent Hub said.

Although the accident was deemed minor, it reignited some concerns residents in Scott County have been having for years.

"These roads just aren't big enough for these big trucks,” Linda Stacy said.

Linda Stacy says she's been trying to get changes for years.

"When I went to Frankfort in 2015 that was one of my concerns, someone is gonna get killed. And I had a girl at the dentist office that said ‘Linda it happened,’” Stacy said.

Stacy is referring to last September when a woman was killed after two garbage trucks collided and then hit her car.

Back in January, a meeting was held for Scott County residents to vent their concerns about a proposed expansion at the nearby Central Kentucky Landfill that sits off US-25.

During the meeting, many people said the trucks going to and from the landfill are too big, and that the landfill brings in an excess amount of traffic.

Also during the January meeting, a man gave WKYT News Reporter Monique Blair a video he took that showed a school bus and a garbage truck driving in opposite lanes on US-25. The video showed how close the two large vehicles get to one another when they pass.

Later in January, Georgetown Mayor Tom Prather announced that Georgetown city trucks would no longer be using US-25 to go to and from the Central Kentucky Landfill. Instead, the trucks would use Interstate-75. Scott County Sheriff Tony Hampton said the truck involved in Wednesday’s school bus accident was contracted out of Ohio.