Scott County students can go to Georgetown College for free

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - Georgetown College is investing in Scott County in a big way.

For the next ten years, Georgetown College is offering students living or going to school in Scott County free tuition. (WKYT)

The college is offering scholarships to students who live in the county.

Georgetown College President Will Jones told an auditorium full of Scott County High School and Great Crossing High School seniors the news Monday.

For the next ten years, if students get accepted into the college, they can attend Georgetown College for free. That's a $160,000 four-year scholarship.

Students must live on campus for all four years and remain in good standing.

President Jones says this is a way to introduce more hometown students to the college.

"Local people are now going to know more about Georgetown. People in the Bluegrass are going to know more about Georgetown. I think the college was already on the map thanks to all those Rhodes Scholars and national championships in athletics, but we're really on the map today because of this scholarship," said President Jones.

Students who receive the scholarship still have to pay for room and board, but they'll be able to apply for financial aid to help with the cost.

Jones estimates room and board to cost between $6-10,000.

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