Scott County volunteers team up to build home for family evicted by fire

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GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - Over 100 volunteers have put on their hard hats to help out families in need by building, repairing and rehabbing homes in Scott County.

Volunteers turned out in bunches to participate in National Women Build Week, an initiative created by Habitat for Humanity along with Lowe’s. The event has motivated more than 1,000 volunteers nationwide.

"As I said earlier to somebody, you know it demonstrates that woman can do more than just make beds and wash dishes. In fact there are a lot of woman contractors,” said volunteer Maureen Prather.

Scott County Habitat for Humanity is one of 300 communities that has readied up for the cause this week. They’ve been hard at work rehabbing a home for a family in need of a little help.

"We recently had an application come in from a family who just lost everything to a house fire in March,” said Amy Preston of Scott County Habitat for Humanity. “They were renting a mobile home and it burned to the ground. So they are living in a hotel."

Volunteers hope to have the home completed and move-in ready by the weekend.

The Scott County Habitat for Humanity has also devoted time and resources to building a new home for a single mother and her children.

"I think if the community can come together and support them in any way they can, I think that is a wonderful thing to do,” Prather said.

Several volunteers have also pitched in by purchasing furniture, along with other items, to go inside the new home.

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