Search resumes for missing 9-year-old in Morehead

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MOREHEAD, Ky. (WKYT) Search efforts have resumed as crews work to find a missing nine-year-old in Morehead.

This is the second day that would-be rescuers have been searching for the child, who police say was swept away in flood water over the weekend.

The search began Sunday afternoon around three. That's when emergency crews got a call about the nine-year-old falling into a culvert and high water sweeping him away. Officials told us they had a hard time on Sunday because the water was still high, and fast moving.

But Monday, they saw some relief. They even brought in extra resources like drones and dogs. And while they haven't found anything yet, they're doing their best to stay positive.

"Some people see it as a recovery mission," said Morehead police Captain Kyle Callahan. "I don't see it that way I see it more as we are going to find this kid, rescue mission recovery whatever. We want to help the family out in finding the child."

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