Seeing more stink bugs? Expert says get used to it

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - As the cool weather comes into our region, may start to notice one bug hanging your home more often. Stink bugs are looking for a warm spot so they can prepare for hibernation.

"The real comparison is cilantro, and some people don't care for cilantro at all. Most people would really rather not have the bugs regardless of their smell," Entomologist Dr. Lee Townsend explained.

As the fall season wears on and cooler temperatures settle in the Bluegrass, stink bugs will be looking for a cozy spot to stay warm and remain active.

Dr. Townsend says that plants, such as the goldenrod, will attract the stinkbugs. They also like to feed on plants that have sweet fruits and vegetables too.

"This is a serious pest, particularly for fruit and vegetable producers. They have sucking mouthparts so they don't chew on things. They can damage and cause spotting on peppers, bumpy fruit."

Since the stink bug originated from parts of China and Japan, it doesn't have a natural predator here in the United States to help keep the population down. So for now, it looks like the stink bug is sticking around. Townsend said to expect the increase bugs for the next couple of months.

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