Semi carrying load of Mercedes Benz rolls over

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Harrison County, Ky. (WKYT) - A semi truck carrying brand new Mercedes Benz rolled over this morning in Harrison County.

Sheriff, Shane Stephens, says the accident happened around 8:30 this morning on Highway 36, roughly 10 miles west of Cynthiana.

When first responders arrived on scene, they found a semi truck rolled over on its side. It was lying on the shoulder of the west bound lane.

The driver wasn't injured.

Sheriffs deputies say the semi was heading towards I-75 with a full load of Mercedes Benz.

They tell us the truck may have lost control due to an animal crossing the roadway.

As a result of the rollover, the west bound lane of Highway 36 is closed. The east bound lane is open, but is moving slowly as workers clean up the scene.

Sheriff Stephens says the highway isn't an ideal road for semis to be on.

"This road isn't meant for semis, it's too curvy," explains Sheriff Stephens. "If you operate on this road you need to careful. Fortunately he's ok."

Several flatbed tow trucks are on scene. Sheriff Stephens tell us it may take the rest of the afternoon into the early evening hours before the scene is all cleaned up.

Even though there's a lot of clean up to do, Sheriff Stephens says this morning's crash could have been worse.

"It's unfortunate situation because there's a lot of money involved," says Sheriff Stephens. "Fortunately, though the driver wasn't hurt. If the truck may have taken another tumble down the hill, we may have had a worse situation."

Investigators say the crash remains under investigation until they can determine the true cause.

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