Senate panel: More research needed before legalizing medical marijuana

Published: Feb. 26, 2020 at 12:27 PM EST
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One week after the full House made a historic vote approving medical marijuana, Kentucky lawmakers again took up the topic.

In Wednesday’s discussions, lawmakers introduced another House bill that calls for more study and research into the medical uses of marijuana.

The bill, primarily pushed by opposition to the medical marijuana legalization effort, says there are too many unknowns in regards to cannabis and its potential medical uses, and states that more study is needed.

A Senate panel approved the bill asking for more clinical studies. It’s the first time the medical marijuana issue has been brought up in the Senate this year, but the fourth time the bill pushing for additional research has been discussed.

The bill passed the Senate panel unanimously, and now moves on the full Senate.

One of the supporters of House Bill 136 – which calls for legalization of medical marijuana – says he also supports more research. He simply says he wants the DEA to be included in the studies.