Senior facility in Lexington taking extra flu precautions

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - With flu activity reaching epidemic levels in Kentucky, many are doing what they can to contain the virus and keep it from spreading, especially in senior living facilities like Highgrove at Tates Creek, on Saron Drive in Lexington.


"We are constantly Lysoling everything down- door handles, elevator buttons, handrails- anything someone could touch, we are Lysoling it," said Charlene Groves, the wellness director at Highgrove.

Groves says for the size of their facility, they seem to have a good hold on the flu virus, however, they've not been spared from the illness.

"I started out with only four residents with the flu, got them back on their feet and out doing activities," said Groves. "The past few days I've had four more. So there was like a two week span where no one was sick and now it's started again."

Seeing somewhat of a surge the past few days, as well as what she says is a contagious stomach bug, Groves says whenever someone is diagnosed with the flu they are contained to their room, meals are brought to them and any staff going in and out of the room wears a protective mask.

Some other senior living communities we checked in with in Lexington say they have seen similar activity and are also taking the precautions.