Several dogs recovering after being abandoned on Garrard Co. road

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GARRARD COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT)- Animal Control officials are trying to catch and help multiple dogs with health concerns after someone dropped the dogs off on a road in Garrard County.

Police are still looking for who is responsible for leaving the dogs near the Teatersville community in Garrard County.

Most of the dogs are being treated after authorities say the dogs are likely to have mange and possibly other infections from being neglected. They say the dogs seem to be Shitzu and Beagle mixes.

"It's not fair to the dogs," says Garrard County Animal Control Director Brittney Fain. "They didn't ask for you to not give them vet care and then dump them on the side of the road, where they have no idea where they're at."

Animal Control officials have tried repeatedly to catch at least three other sick dogs found in the area, but the dogs keep running away. They plan to leave food for the dogs and traps to capture to dogs.

The dogs are scheduled to go to the vet on Tuesday to be officially diagnosed and receive more treatment. Officials say the dogs will not be available for adoption until they get healthy.

Anyone with information on who might have neglected the dogs can call Garrard County Animal Control at 859-792-1562. They are also accepting donations to help pay the dogs' vet bills.

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