3 more arrested along with 16-year-old in Laurel County marijuana, weapons bust

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LONDON, Ky. (WKYT) - Laurel County authorities say a 16-year-old is behind bars after local, state and federal authorities found a large amount of marijuana and firearms.

Harmony Vaughn (Photo: Laurel County Detention Center)

Authorities responded to a home off Ky. 229 in southeast Laurel County Saturday as a result of the joint investigation.

Investigators found 11 pounds of marijuana oil, 349 vape pins, 16 pounds of marijuana, 30 pounds of gummies laced with marijuana oil, and a large number of firearms.

Sheriff's deputies say the marijuana was heading into local schools.

The juvenile was placed in a detention center in Breathitt County where the 16-year-old is charged with multiple drug and firearm offenses.

Authorities arrested three in connection with the investigation Monday afternoon after deputies found them with large quantities of marijuana and marijuana oil.

25-year-old Joshua Brown, 20-year-old Harmony Vaughn and 20-year-old Austin May are all charged with trafficking marijuana. The three were found in the area of Taylor Subdivision Road.