Sheriff: Man robs dollar store, ties up customers

Published: Aug. 2, 2017 at 7:05 AM EDT
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Deputies in Jackson County are investigating after they say a man robbed a dollar store and tied up several people inside.

“You know it’s just a bad time," Jackson County Sheriff Paul Hayes said. "People get desperate, they do desperate stuff. They don’t consider the lives of other people.”

The Jackson County sheriff says the crime happened around 11 p.m. Tuesday at the Dollar General in Annville.

“He walked around the store without a mask for a significant amount of time," the sheriff said. "Probably this gentleman was under the influence of something.”

The suspect was armed with a gun and stole a large amount of clothing and other items. The man dropped some of the stuff as he was running away from the store.

“We actually recovered about $300 in items he seized and took out of the store, in addition to the cash that he took.”

While he was in the store, deputies say he used zip ties to tie up five people, including a young boy. Officers say they were able to get loose soon after the robber left the store.

Sheriff Paul Hayes said, "There was a child involved in this. He's a fine young man. Very intelligent young man. He gave us good information when we talked to him. Very thorough in his viewing of this gentleman. He helped us a lot. But this was a traumatic situation for anyone in this store."

The man is said to be about 6 foot 1, a slender build with a light colored hat, camouflage shirt, tan shorts and he talked with a deeper voice.

Police say the store has surveillance video that officers are reviewing.

The Jackson County Sheriff's office, along with Kentucky State Police are investigating.