Police: Corbin man now tied to 4 Whitley County murders

Published: Feb. 17, 2018 at 5:20 PM EST
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Corbin Police arrested a man in connection to the shooting deaths of three and an unborn child Saturday.

Paul Brock, 37, of Corbin, now faces four murder charges. He was booked into the Whitley County Detention Center on Sunday.

Police are calling it a quadruple murder after two women were found shot to death in a Whitley County home because one of the women was pregnant at the time.

Corbin Police found Mary Jackson, 74, and her granddaughter Tiffany Myers, 33, dead at a home on Ellison Street in Corbin on Saturday. Police say Myers was three months pregnant.

Officers also say Myers' younger brother was in the house when he heard her scream out. He then jumped out of the window to get help.

Police later discovered a body off Corinth Cemetery Road Monday. Police have identified that victim as Aaron Byers and say he was married to Tiffany Myers.

Police say when Brock was arrested on Sunday, he told them Byers was responsible for the murders, but police did not believe him.

Police say Brock shot and killed Byers on Saturday before he drove to his home and killed Myers , her unborn baby, and Mary Jackson.

Detectives believe Bock went to the cemetery on Sunday to hide Brock's body, but in doing so, he got muddy and that led police to the cemetery.

Aside from surveillance video showing Brock's truck at multiple locations on Saturday and witnesses who saw him at the home, police are collecting evidence from his vehicle. They say they expect blood spatter found in his vehicle to be Byers' blood.