Sheriff rescues kitten frozen on boat dock

Published: Jan. 3, 2018 at 11:08 PM EST
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A Mercer County couple say they're grateful the sheriff helped them rescue a stray kitten that was frozen to their boat dock.

Roy and Lori Jasper said they noticed the kitten on their security cameras before they went to bed. They said they debated what they could do to help it, but as cold as it was - and being 75 years old - they said they did not think they could walk down and get it.

But when the kitten was still there 11 hours later, frozen and stuck, they called for help. They said Mercer County Sheriff Ernie Kelty showed up quickly and worked to rescue the kitten.

"I'd say he was down there about 15 minutes breaking it loose," Roy Jasper said, "because its stomach was froze, paws was froze, everything."

The Jaspers are now nursing the kitten back to health. They said they named him Ernie, after his rescuer.