Sheriff seeks two after finding knives, drugs, gun in suspect’s home

Photos: Lincoln County Sheriff's Office
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STANFORD, Ky. (WKYT) – The Lincoln County Sheriff says they just missed arresting a suspect when he left his home in a hurry before they arrived. The man did leave his duffel bag behind, though, which will lead to additional warrants for his arrest.

According to a post on the Sheriff’s Facebook page, deputies went to a home on John Cash Road to arrest the suspect, whose name has not been released. Witnesses tell investigators that the man received a phone call before law enforcement arrived, and left his home in a hurry.

When deputies arrived and found out their suspect had left, they searched the home and found the suspect’s duffel bag. Pictures posted to Facebook show multiple knives, a gun, various pills and other drugs, along with pipes, scales, and needles.

The Sheriff says beyond the additional warrants that will be issued on the suspect, his girlfriend also now has a warrant for her arrest.

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