Shoppers encounter live black bear in Somerset Walmart parking lot

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SOMERSET, Ky. (WKYT) - Some shoppers at a Walmart in Somerset came face-to-face with a real black bear.

Tyler and Travis Smith were driving around Somerset late Sunday night when they got footage of a bear in the Walmart parking lot.

"We saw this black streak run across in front of the pickup and we stopped and it walked right out in front of us. Lo and behold, it's a bear," Tyler said.

Being avid hunters, they've seen their fair share of bears, but rarely out of their natural habitat. They kept their distance, but Tyler says other's weren't so careful.

"They realized what was going on, everyone walked over here and saw that there was a bear and it drew a huge crowd of people. I bet there [were] ... 70 or 80 people standing around with their phones out, cameras, pictures, videos, and the bear showed no fear whatsoever and laid there like a dog would," Tyler said.

Even though the bear was acting very docile, Tyler has advice for the public.

"The more you walk up to them, the more you feed them, and the more you keep treating them like your pets, the more that they're going to come around. You might have the wrong person one day that shows up and is like 'hey, here's a bear I'm going to get close to it' and the bear might decide it's hungry that day."

Witnesses say Somerset Police ended up chasing the bear away with their sirens back into a safe area.