Sickness holds grip on many Kentucky school systems

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LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Sickness has closed many school systems in Kentucky this week.

Kids in Laurel County stayed home on Friday. Attendance at London Elementary dropped to really low levels this week. School officials say the primary reasons were flu and strep throat.

Doctors and nurses at Parkway Pediatrics in London say they have seen a lot of children in the past few weeks.

"Flu can start as early as October or November. Of course, that's when we start giving the flu vaccine. Seems like it has hit harder and later in the season. All at once," says Carla Phelps with Parkway Pediatrics.

Pediatricians say the flu can last as long as a week. They say the school system did the right thing in closing because several days at home could give students the time needed to get better.

Pediatricians say they don't believe the lack of flu mist is a factor in the increase of cases because most parents had their kids get a flu shot instead.

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