Skunk mating season strikes early

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LEXINGTON, Ky (WKYT) - Skunk mating season usually starts around April, but with a more mild winter, those creatures are already getting up and active.
That means more little stinkers to brake for on the roads, and even some trying to find new homes... near your home.

Skunks are rehabilitated at the Kentucky Wildlife Center before being released back into the wild.

"Sometimes mommas will take their babies under your house. An easy way to get them to move on is putting cayenne pepper around the entrance of your crawl space, use flashlights," William Anderson, the Marketing Manager at the Kentucky Wildlife Center, said. "Also a stereo system if you put that under there the noise often times could get them to move on."

You can always call the Kentucky Wildlife Center as well. Then, it should be pretty easy to get the skunks to move on because skunk moms usually have three or four den sites. As they do move, it is important for the skunks to relocate as a family.

"We like to avoid trapping because that can sometimes remove the momma from her babies," Anderson said. "We like to keep them all together, otherwise they might come to our center where we would have to rehabilitate the babies. So if you can keep them all contained together, that is their best chance of survival."

But if those babies to find their way to the Kentucky Wildlife Center, they are prepared to nurse them back to health, rehabilitate them, and eventually release them back into the wild.

 You can click here to learn how you can donate to help the center buy incubators for baby animals.


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