Soaked ground keeps KYTC District 12 busy with mudslides

Photo: KYTC District 12/Facebook
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FLOYD COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Multiple mudslides in Pike and Floyd Counties are keeping road crews busy Sunday hauling mud and debris out of roadways.

A large mudslide on KY 1428 between Goble Roberts Bridge and Sugar Loaf spread from US 23 to the lake. A mudslide happened in the same area only last week. Crews estimate about 10-12 loads to clear knee-deep mud and debris away. Work at the site is complicated by the fact that all of the road crews’ trucks are filled with salt, meaning they have to unload before they can haul away the debris.

Crews also worked a smaller slide in Pike County on Town Mountain Road and KY 1426. Those traffic lanes have been cleared.

A third slide in Floyd County on KY 404 only required about two loads to clear.

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