Somerset gathers in downtown to watch Eclipse

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SOMERSET, Ky. (WKYT)- Eclipse glasses were gone in minutes in Southern Kentucky where hundreds gathered in downtown Somerset to watch the Great American Eclipse.

A local eye doctor and radio station donated 250 pairs of eclipse glasses for everyone to enjoy the historical event.

As the eclipse approached, people received free ice cream and water to keep the hot day cool.

Organizers said the 250 pair of eclipse glasses lasted about 10 minutes while being passed out to community members.

"As you know, everyone in the region is out of glasses. So when I showed up at 11 to start getting ready, we had people here in the judicial center waiting for those glasses," says John Burlew with 106.1 WYKY.

With eclipses glasses in possession, participants watched the eclipse come and go and thought of the historical context to go with it.

"We had a discussion this morning that Drew our oldest who is seven would have to be 106 years old to see it again. And so that the magnitude of that, maybe got through but maybe did not," says grandparent Kim Roy.

Students received the day off from school to see the historic event.

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