Ever-changing weather patterns impacts spring plants

Experts at Wilson Nurseries say that while the temperatures may vary, plants, for the most part, are usually resilient (WKYT)
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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - With the ups and downs in the weather lately, some of us may be confused to what season it even is. Some plants may seem to be thinking the same way. You may have noticed some flowers already starting to push up out of the ground, particularly flowers that start as bulbs.

"They pop up early every year. They'll pop up and bloom in the snow. This happens all the time where we go through warm spells and then it gets cold again, then it gets warm again," Dave Raines at Wilson Nurseries said. "Most everything is going to come out fine."

The warm weather can actually be to some benefit. When we do go through warm spells, it is wise to take advantage of them.

"It's a good time to go ahead and fertilize," Raines said. "We've got good moisture. Plants are taking it up."

Raines says that once fertilized, the plants will be stronger and healthier during the cold snaps.

"There's going to be some burnt tips every once in a while if there's a few flowers coming out early," Raines said. "The other day I saw a Pear Tree that looked like it was going to bloom the other day. Flowers might get frosted a bit, but overall it's not going to hurt that big ole' tree."

In general, native Kentucky plants, are rather resilient to the ever-changing weather pattern.

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