State: Don't eat wild mushrooms without knowing what it is

The Destroying Angel (left) and Death Cap (right) are two mushrooms which are poisonous and can lead to death. (Photos: Kentucky Division of Forestry)
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The Kentucky Division of Forestry is wanting the public to be aware of what they eat in the wild, as prolonged rains throughout the state have resulted in large numbers of mushrooms.

The state says the mushrooms can be seen in landscape mulch, lawns, forest floors and open meadows.

Experts say there are some mushrooms in Kentucky which contain toxins that can lead to poisoning or even death. Two poisonous mushrooms are the destroying angel and the death cap. Both kill a few unsuspecting Americans each year.

The state wants foragers to do research on their harvests before they ingest wild mushrooms.

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