State employees rally to fight for worker's rights

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - More than a dozen state workers gathered at the state Capitol on Tuesday night to rally worker's rights.

KASE, otherwise known as the Kentucky Association of State Employees, had people gather to present a proposal to find funding for worker's retirement and benefits.

The proposal being offered by KASE is a five percent and 15 percent fees.

According to KASE, the way it works is the five percent fee would be used on essential items that allow you to live, like food, water or shelter.

The 15 percent fee would be attached to all nonessential items, with money from both fees going toward a fund for state employees.

"If you go out here and purchase a car, you're going to pay 15 percent of that in a fee to this fund," KASE executive director David Smith said. "It will only be used to pay down the debts to ensure funding of the underfunded liabilities related to retirement and on top of that, it is also related to underfunding into areas of the actual state."

Smith says once the fund accomplished its goal and the state is back on solid ground financially, the fund would go away.

Workers say this is not the last time they will rally on the Capitol steps to have their voices heard.

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