State offers relocation for families living in arsenic contaminated neighborhood

State leaders are asking families living on Long Lane in Montgomery County to limit their time outside until initial sampling is complete.
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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A month after high levels of arsenic were found in the ground along a road in Montgomery County, many people who live there have moved out.

The state offered reimbursements for families who live around Long Lane off of U.S. 460 who were willing to relocate. On Monday, the last person to take the relocation offer got their necessities and moved out.

The state gave people living along Long Lane up-front reimbursements for relocating. They say all but one homeowner chose to do that. However, they say that woman will only be at her home on the weekends.

The state estimates it will take about 90 days to dig around the impacted homes. That work is well underway.

Crews are digging hot spots in two yards at a time. They plan to continue digging on at least six different properties. The dirt collected will then be hauled off to a local landfill.

The state crews working on this project tell WKYT they greatly appreciate folks relocating for the time being in order to give them the needed space to maneuver all their equipment and haul out the contaminated dirt.

Several air monitors have been set up in the area so arsenic levels can be watched as the crews work.

State officials say they have coordinated with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office to make sure an off-duty deputy is on site overnights and weekends to provide security for the homes.

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