Stores prepare for pre-snow shopping frenzy

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT)- Stores preparing for weekend snow shopping frenzy

Stores in Lexington are gearing up for mass amounts of shoppers with the recent forecast of snow making it's way into the Bluegrass this weekend.

"We try to stock up on those things a few days before so everything is coming in now, getting put out, and everything is flying off the shelves just as fast as we can get it out there."

Kroger's Assistant Manager Kevin Deatherage says they expect to see more customers than usual today and tomorrow. He says the store is getting ready by ordering extra products that customers usually purchase such as bread, milk, canned food, salt, and ice scrapers.

Deatherage says the new Clicklists program, allowing customers to order groceries through an app and pick them up, has also been booming.

"We have 11 Clicklists in the area and they are all booming, booming booming booming. We've had to call in some extra help to fill those orders and get things out in a timely manner but it's been great," says Deatherage.

Managers say the number one item people forget to purchase ahead of a heavy snow is batteries.

The store says they plan to stay open during the weather.

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