Storms hit hard in Boyle County taking down trees, power lines

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BOYLE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - People in Boyle County are having to clean up after storms hit hard.

The storms came without warning Thursday afternoon. Homeowners didn't know what to think.

"It felt like we were in the middle of a hurricane," said John Cloud. "It was shaking. The windows were rattling. The roof was shaking. You could feel the house moving. It was blowing."

Cloud had just made it home from work when a massive maple tree crashed down right next to his house. It completely blocked Bruce Court and ripped the weatherhead clean off of Cloud's house

"So no TV, no power, no computer," Cloud said. "Gosh, what's a person to do?"

The sudden storm brought down dozens of tree limbs and power lines all across Danville.

"We've got public works out, of course, KU is out doing their job and getting power restored and getting the lines put back," said Mike Wilder, Boyle County Emergency Manager.

The storm had workers at Woodford Oil Company running for cover.

"We actually moved to the center of the building, and then the power went out, internet, everything," said Scott Hacker, the company's regional manager.

Hacker said the wind was so intense it caved in a garage door on one of the company's buildings.

"We were able to get it back up just to secure everything for the night, but it's actually inside out, upside down," Hacker said.

WKYT Chief Meteorologist Chris Bailey said this degree of damage suggests wind gusts greater than 60 miles per hour. Those intense winds seem to have been confined to a relatively small area.

"I live in the west end of Boyle County. We had a lot of rain, heavy rain, but we didn't have any wind to speak of at all," Wilder said.

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