Principal: Student brings loaded gun to Tates Creek High School

Published: Nov. 2, 2016 at 11:41 AM EDT
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Fayette County School leaders sent notices to parents notifying them that a student brought a loaded gun to school.

The incident happened on Wednesday morning at Tates Creek High School.

School officials say the teen got the gun this morning because of issues outside of school in his neighborhood.

According to Principal Sam Meaux, the student was in class, and the teacher noticed he was agitated and not behaving normally. The teacher says the student got up and left the class. A school law enforcement officer who knows the student went to talk with him to see what was wrong. While talking with the student, he spotted the handle of a gun in the student's pocket. At that point, the officer placed the student under arrest.

According to the principal, the student was cooperative and answered all of the school officials' questions. They do not believe the student had any intention of using the gun in the school.

Meaux credits the relationship his school officers have with students for the quick resolution.

"The fact that our school law enforcement officers are part of the community and have a relationship with the students, it caused the one officer to go, who knew that boy, to go to check on his state and see what was wrong with him, to talk with him. I think without that relationship piece that may not of happened," Meaux said.

An email sent to parents said the student will be criminally charged and will also face serious administrative consequences through the school district.

The school is not releasing the student's name, but the Fayette County Detention Center website shows that 18-year old Lamaar Dequan Sanford was arrested by school police at Tates Creek High School on Wednesday afternoon. Sanford is charged with resisting arrest, carrying a concealed deadly weapon and unlawful possession of a weapon on school property.

Here is what the letter said that was sent to parents:

Dear Tates Creek High School Families: As you know, students are our top priority at Tates Creek High School and we work diligently to keep them safe and create a positive learning environment on campus. Maintaining open lines of communication between home and school is critical in order for us to earn the trust of our families and build strong relationships with the people we serve. I’m writing today to make you aware of an incident that occurred at school this morning. Any time there is a health or safety issue on campus, we want you to have the facts directly from us. Please be assured that everything is under control and our students are safe. With assistance from the Fayette County Public Schools Department of Law Enforcement, we discovered that one of our students had brought a gun to school today. The gun was loaded. The student will be criminally charged and will also face serious administrative consequences through the school district. We are committed to keeping Tates Creek High School a safe place to learn and work. Thank you for the privilege of serving your family and for understanding that we take this matter very seriously. Sincerely, Sam Meaux, Principal