Students donate money for police dog bullet-proof vest

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Students at Julius Marks Elementary School are the reason a police dog will have a new vest.

The students donated more than a thousand dollars to the Lexington Police K-9 unit. The unit will be using the money to provide a ballistic vest to a police dog.

Police say that the great show of support from the students is tremendous to see.

Students say they were inspired after their teacher told them a story about a K-9 hurt in the line of duty.

Just between Thanksgiving and Christmas the students pulled together $1,300 selling pet-related products to raise money for their donation.

“Our handlers obviously think the world of our K-9 partners, and they become members of our family,” said Sgt. David Sadler. “Anything we can do to keep those guys protected just as we keep our own lives protected obviously goes without saying.”

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