Students rally in Frankfort to support funding for higher education

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) Students from across the commonwealth rallied in Frankfort Tuesday to rally for higher education.

Tuesday's rally was organized by the Board of Student Body Presidents.

Those in attendance were advocating for minimal budget cuts to higher education funding.

Several students shared their personal stories about how state funding and programs allowed them to receive an education.

One of those students, University of Kentucky freshman Cameron French, from Wolfe County, attended UK as a first generation student through the Robinson scholars program.

That program would be cut under Governor Matt Bevin's proposed budget.

"It really broke my heart, because I know so many students in communities like mine deserve a chance to receive higher education, and to be quite honest, I am from one of the poorest parts of the state and if it wasn’t for Robinson I wouldn’t be receiving a higher education because my family can’t afford to send me to college," French said.

From the rally, many of the students went on to meet with legislators about their concerns.

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